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    I have recently gotten 2 ball pythons. My sweet boy whom I have had since Nov. 25th ate 1 time on the 26th and went straight into shed. So he has not eaten. Should I feed him when this skin is done coming off or should I hold off a little longer before touching him? Also the skin seems to be coming off from the belly. I spray his tank twice a day and he has a large water dish, which I never see him soak in. I spray his heat hide so he has humidity, (he does not like moss) so I spray and spay. I'm jut worried it is not enough for him to have a successful shed! Am I being a worry wort and he can work this out himself???

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    Do you have a thermometer and a hygrometer? More specifically, do you have a digital one? The analog/stick-on ones are rarely accurate. We'd have a much easier time helping you if you could explain your setup including thermometers/heat sources/etc. As for the feeding, I would feed on the next normal feeding day, after the shed has completely finished.

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