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Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Shanna66, Aug 8, 2009.

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    so i fed ellie her first rat the other day and it took her over 3 hours to figure out how to eat it, 1 hour was spent strangeling its foot and the other too hours were her trying to eat the thing starting with the middle. needless to say she only ever gets prekilled food.
    well today she pooped so i decided to clean out her bin, i do a deep clean every week after she poops so bacteria doesnt grow in there. well the poo smelled like rotting fish, usually her poop doesnt have any sort of smell. could it have just been a bad rat or something? is it normal for pooped out rat to smell like that? or is my ellie sick? she is acting normal and active so no change there.
    im leaving for vacation tomorrow and i was planning on leaving her alone for the week, but if she needs a vet i can ask my boyfriend to take her to the vet while im gone, but i would rather not ask too much more of him because he is already babysitting 5 of my pet rats and my gargoyle gecko and they are all a handful.

    so any ideas on why her poo smelled so bad? i threw it away without thinking of taking it in for a fecal sample. should i try feeding her a mouse when i get back home to see if her poo is back to normal?
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    Unless there is any other signs of illness then i doubt there is an issue. If you want to be on the safe sice, do a fecal sample. However if not try feeding when you get back and take it from there. Snakes poo smells bad at the best of times!
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    While I am not quite sure what she has been eating before the rat (that has no smell when it runs it's course), or how old she is, in general snake poop stinks. No issues unless the animal is acting sick.
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    i usually feed her thawed mice, and she will be about 2 in october. her other poos have smelled a little bit if i left them in there for too long but they didnt smell like fish and didnt smell as strong.
    ill try feeding her again this week and go back to mice for now and see how it smells.
    other than the poo though ellie is her normal little self

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