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Discussion in 'Fire Bellied Toads' started by Matt Scavezze, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Matt Scavezze

    Matt Scavezze Embryo

    So i have a Fire Belly Toad that is not acting normal, he seems to want to hide all the time and is not his normal cricket eating self. His eyes seem to have a film over them and I keep finding slimy stuff in the tank, it has lots of little back dots in it. Today i also found some slime stuff hanging off his rear end. He also dosent seem interested in eating at all considering that he used to be a pig.

    Any help would be nice. Thanks
  2. Wade

    Wade New Member

    It sounds like he is a she! The gooey stuff with black dots are eggs
  3. Eme Demiri

    Eme Demiri Member

    I agree with Wade... Is He/She your only fire belly toad?
  4. Matt Scavezze

    Matt Scavezze Embryo

    He/She is not my only fire bellied toad but I dont think the gooey stuff is eggs i saw he/she physically spit the gooey stuff up out of his/her mouth and he/she has been acting weird not like normal toad behavior he is the more vocal of the two and i haven't heard him make a sound for like a week and he isnt eating at all
  5. lestat

    lestat Moderator Staff Member

    It sounds like your toad is shedding, not laying eggs. How often are you seeing the sheds? Has anything about your toad enclosure changed? What is the temperature of the tank? How much water do they have?
  6. Eme Demiri

    Eme Demiri Member

    If hes more vocal then it prob is a male. You might need to remove him if you have others in the tank just in case there is actually something wrong. just until the problem goes away. Check the enclosure. What kind of set up is it ?
  7. Kate800

    Kate800 Embryo

    Hello, and I might be of some help. My FBT had the exact same symptoms about a year ago. It's caused when some plant or something grows in the tank, like algae. I don't think it's eggs, because he had the same symptoms and he is the only FBT I have. About once a week, I took it in a separate container with fresh water and physically pulled the stuff off that was stuck on his skin. If it starts getting stuck to it, it could clog up it's "breathing holes" and suffocate it. I don't know exactly what was going on, but bathing it worked for me! Also, clean out the cage every 1-2 weeks, and bathe it until it goes away. Whatever was going on, I did that and 1 1/2 years later he is still alive and kicking!!!

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