Should I be worried? or am I just being an overly worried iguana mom?

Discussion in 'Iguanas' started by DancingRT, Oct 5, 2013.

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    I'm hoping you (or one of your colleagues/friends) might know what's going on. Iggy went to the vets 3weeks ago. I noticed after she went to the bathroom, her cloaca was popping out and taking a while to go back in. I also saw some blood (not much) and she was dragging her butt. The vet felt I side her and checked her and felt no lumps. A stool sample showed no blood, but Giardia. She was treated with meds. She was having trouble on and off with her cloaca, and today it is not going in. The vet said if she has trouble retracting it, use maple syrup, corn syrup, KY jelly or Preperation H. I tried some syrup and nothing. Hoping it will go back in, but this keeps happening. Is there something I can do? Is there something causing this, and should I be worried, or am I being an overly worried iguana mom? IggyButt.jpg
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    From the information you provided, it sounds like a prolapse. If this is the second time this has happened then the best thing you can do is keep it moist by spraying the cloaca and bring it to the vet ASAP! You didn't mention if this vet had reptile training, but if not here is a website to help you find one ==> Keep us updated!
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    I noticed her cloaca was out a bit more still this morning. Other times it went back in. I kept it moist until I could bring her to the vet. The vets I go to do reptiles. They also do small animals, farm/large animals, wildlife, cats/dogs, etc. They are open 24/7 and are a hospital (do surgery, testing, lab work, etc). They have always been excellent with all my 4-legged babies (chihuahuas, cats, bearded dragon and iguana).
    Anyways, the vet did get her cloaca back in, gave her a few stitches (which will be removed with her re-check October 11), and 2 meds (an anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic). She didn't want her salad tonight, but hoping in the morning when she gets her meds, she will want food. There was no necrosis of the cloaca which is good, but am keeping a close eye to make sure she is going to the bathroom ok, eating ok, and the area looks ok. I gave up a wedding and going to a fair today for my baby...they come first!!!
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    Sounds like you have a good vet :) I'm not very iggy savvy but I hope everything turned out ok on her recheck!
  5. DancingRT

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    Iggy went yesterday to get her stitches out and is doing much better!!!

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