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    I want to know if sexing a uromastyx is the same as sexing a leopard gecko or other types of lizards?
    I recently purchased a yellow nigerian and I want to know the sex to give it a name.
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    The presence of large femoral pores with waxy protuberance and hemipene bulges can often distinguish males, however this is not obvious on all species. Males tend to have broader heads but this is often subtle or misleading. Uromastyx ornatus are the easiest to sex due to enlarged femoral pores on the males and adult males are more colorful than females. Uromastyx acanthinurus can be extremely difficult to sex. Probing does not work with Uromastyx acanthinurus and may not be a useful tool for the genus.

    Sexing Uromastyx

    Determining the sex of an individual spiny-tailed lizard can be a challenge. Some species, such as the ornate spiny tail or the Mali spiny tail, are sexually dichromatic, which means you can see differences in color between males and females. As mentioned previously, male Mali spiny-tailed lizards have black heads and yellow backs, and the females are a more uniform yellow-tan; however, after the females lays her eggs, she takes on the darker coloration of the male. Ornate spiny-tailed males are spectacularly colored. They can be green, blue, lime, reddish, or any combination of colors, whereas the females are usually tan with only a little additional color evident.

    Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards can be difficult to sex. The males and females are both colorful, and very similar in appearance. Adult males usually have larger femoral pores along the underside of the rear legs, as well as slightly larger heads with larger jowls. In addition, males appear to have cloacal openings that are a little larger than females’.

    All of the preceding sexual characteristics are relative, and you will usually need several animals to compare. Then, just when you think you have them sexed, chances are you'll encounter another animal that is somewhere in between! Adult males are easier to distinguish in the spring, when hemipenal bulges appear along both sides of the lower base of the tail.

    Other spiny tails are less difficult to sex than the Moroccans, but most are still not as easy to determine as ornate spiny-tailed lizards. In all cases, you should look at the head shapes, size of femoral pores, and the presence of hemipenal bulges. Probing spiny-tailed lizards-Moroccan spiny-tailed lizards, anyway does not seem to work.

    Over time, while observing your animals, you may notice behavioral differences that can help determine sex. Of course, a clutch of eggs can prove you right or wrong!

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