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    Floor quality pay attention to 'third floor, seven installation', the installation of good and bad service directly determines the length of the floor life. Laminate flooring before the installation is only semi-finished products, the real installed on the ground is considered finished. From 1994 to enter the market, rolston wicker patio furniture collection
    after 10 years of development, laminate flooring gradually developed into a mature product, by the vast number of consumers of all ages. Brand development to nearly more than 1,000, there are more and more problems, such
    as serious product homogeneity, service, installation and after-sales more and more different. In fact, many brands on the market or the practice of 'by the dealer responsible for the installation and after-sales service' approach, there is a congenital deficiency of this approach is that: First, the installation of the lack of systematic installation and training staff, the quality of stability is difficult Maintenance; followed by the dealer himself is not fixed, if the dealer does not do so, then the interests of consumers is difficult to be guaranteed;groove simple Composite Products sale
    is no problem with the sale of a satisfactory solution and repayment ability is limited. If the customer to establish a full service system, then the rights and interests of consumers have a real guarantee. For example, you can establish a unified installation service team and service processes, to determine strict and uniform installation specifications to ensure the quality of the installation; the same time,wooden fence terrace
    the industry can establish a 'customer service support fund' to enable customers in the distribution company is no longer operating the floor

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