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  1. tammyv

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    i have to do a science fair project for school, and i have 2 bearded dragons (4months and 9 days old both of them) and i want to do them for the science fair. My teacher said i could do them, only i can't figure out what do them on. i was thinking there growth and diet only i can't figure out a question for that. If you have an idea please tell me your ideas thanks a lot
  2. CheriS

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    hummm, this is hard, as you have to have controls and yet still can have wide variables, plus, without test like blood panels it is hard to do diet to see any significant differences.

    I was thinking about calcium with D3 supplements opposed to UVB, but you would need blood Ca levels for that.

    Even color is subjective, so you can not feed one carrots and not the other unless they are absolutely identical to see if it makes a different to them.

    Also since you are using live vertebrates, you have filled out the special papers for consent of that in a science project ... right?

    I was actually thinking about science projects related to reptiles yesterday and one idea we came up with was using silkworms, one group fed on mulberry leaves, one on chow and another on regular vegetables.

    Another one we helped someone with was planaria's. I loved these guys, you can cut them in half and they grow two complete ones back, cut them in 4ths and 4 complete ones grow... really unique.

    They also learn or at least can be taught a rountine and it is thought they may have cellular memory

    I will keep thinking on the dragons
  3. Spot

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    Cheri, did you ever try to split just the head area? If you do it just right, you can make a 2 headed one! Pretty cool.
  4. Ummm, I was thinking about intellegence. How they remember - colour, sound, even light maybe. I don't have any beardies, so I can't really say.....
    And what would you campare it to - the age difference? Different reptiles (you don't have but do you know anyone that has another kind?) To humans (which would be the best because people can connect to humans and the public can compare your findings to themselves)

    Good Luck, I remember doing the fairs..... Fun times.....
  5. CheriS

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    Spot, yeah, we even put a cut in the mid back neck of a 2 headed one and created a 3 headed one with one head rasied up. We called it the Chimera Planaria. Later we divided it out to make 3 complete ones.

    Many people do not realize that are in about any fresh water, just toss some meat on a string and in a few hours/overnight, pull it in and they are on it. Really interesting flatworms and make for some great science projects. Hydras too
  6. tammyv

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    thanks does anyone else have an idea? i HAVE to know in like 2-3 weeks thanks for the ideas though i just don't know if they will work.... please anymore ideas?
  7. Jhoss22

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    Maybe like people do with rats and mazes. MAke like differnet color openings and one color leads to their food. Prove that they have meory and can associate color to memory.
  8. herpfreak

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    i would actually think about that growth, one mabye compare with different fed on silkies and one fed on crix....possibly even throw the premade dry pellets into the mix.....
  9. Spot

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    How long do you have to conduct the experiments? If these beardies are your pets, I'd hate for you to have to manipulate their diet or something like that which may have permanent consequences. How about their sensitivity to different light spectrum? Set up something to see how well they see in various wavelengths/colors?
  10. xc_Snake

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    Maybe I can help. Last year for my global Environment class I wanted to do an experiment with reptiles, so I decided to work with RES. I measured growth rates of hatchlings living in different water temperatures (to represent their native southern waters and the northern waters where they are becoming an invasive species). it was actually quite interesting, and I recieved a great grade.
  11. bratspets

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  12. tammyv

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    i have only 3-4 weeks LEFT i've been searching for ideas.... i REALLY CANT come up with anything. the ideas are GREAT except its sorta late to start some of them and well ANY ideas will work please reply

    *thanks* :D :!: :D
  13. xc_Snake

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    my only suggestion would be how different diets (ie mealworms vs crickets) effect increase in mass over a month. Procrastinating really limits the choices.
  14. Mikey624

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    i once did what mealworm food made mealworms turn into there pupa stage the fastest.
  15. tammyv

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    thanks for all the ideas.... i'm thinking on doing how and why the change colors (cause there stressed or cold) I'm going to do that thanx for the ideas though
  16. Jay_herb_com

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    U could always do the baking soda volcano and a couple of "godzillas" to it lol
  17. tammyv

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    well, i guess that WON'T work cause i can't find ANY information .... i need some ideas agian thanx
  18. bratspets

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    When is this due exactly?

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