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Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by Zmonitor, Jul 31, 2004.

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    i have a couple of qustion i have a baby mnoitor he now about 7inch. long.My qustion are .

    *how many times a week should i feed him?
    *is the red basking heat lamp bulb ok to use?
    *he sheding now should i pput him in warm water when he does not like it?
    * how do you know if you basking lamp is giving off some hot heat ?

    sorry about all the qustion just worried about it.[/b]

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    i dont know i have a anole but if he doesnt like the warm water then just keep him out of it. but i think lizards bursh up against rost to tear the old skin when shedding so maybe put a coupple big rocks in his tank. and just put a thermometor thingy onthe basking spot (under the lamp) to see how hot it is.

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  5. Dylacat

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    How warm is it in the basking area? For savs, especially the hatchlings, need a basking temp of 120-150*...150* being ideal. The ambient temps should have a gradient of 78-95*. The red basking heat bulb will be okay to use, as long as you have these temps. You should feed them how ever often they will take food. Most sav's will eat everyday...I know of someone who was feeding theirs just about everyday superworms and pinkies...the sav is full grown now, measuring at about 34 inches, and they're on a full rodent diet. If he doesn't like the water, I wouldn't put them in it. A lot of reptiles are able to shed without needing a whole lot of moisture. I would just keep an eye on him, to make sure that all of the skin comes off.

    Hope this helps you,

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