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    So ive read up on bathing but didn't find anything about showers. My friends has had a sav monitor for 2 years and he on ocassion let his pet sit in there with him. I was wondering if that was okay, Thor doesnt seem to mind watching his master bathe. Its their way of bonding and i like the idea myself. Just wanted some info. before i tried this on a regular basis.

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    I would have to say showering with your monitor to me is a little perverse. Otherwise no, it would not be the best thing for the health of your animal to expose it to any fungus/bacteria that may come off of you in the water that washes over you and down onto the monitor. Also, the soap that you would use wouldn't me great to get into the eyes, nose and/or mouth of the monitor. All that aside, say you slip and land on the monitor; you could grealty injure yourself trying to avoid the animal not to mention the animal if you land on it. In short, don't do it. I hope that answers your question sufficiently.

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