Safe Boa enclosure sealant

Discussion in 'Enclosures, Heating & Lighting' started by Jacklyn Craven, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Alright guys, I have a situation and cannot find a straight answer online. I just picked up a red tail a couple weeks ago, she's almost 2 years old. She's in a 40 gallon tank and I want to upgrade her enclosure and give her some room to climb. I bought a nice size curio cabinet and finally found some stuff to fill it with that will allow her to climb around. After getting frustrated reading online posts about what I can and cannot use, I called a vet. Now I'm trying to seal the wood so it doesn't rot away with the temps. Everything has been sanitized and dried. I've read mixed opinions about using polyurethane to seal wood decorations and limbs inside the enclosure. I'm almost done painting everything and I know this stuff needs to seriously air out before I put her inside with it. But I need to make sure what I'm using is actually safe. It's minwax one coat polyurethane for indoor use. It doesn't say water or oil based, not from I see anyway. I would hate to have to sand all of this off and start over, but I'd hate to kill my boa even more. Can someone give me peace of mind please??

  2. I looked it up online and it's water based.

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