respiratry prblems i think HELP

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by eddiebud2002, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Hi there ppl. my problem is that today i noticed my 9 month old female dragon was gaping and making weird noises.. its respiraty problem ye?. I ALSO gave her some all in one care formula that my sis inlaw gave me that she got from the vet. and any suggestions on this would b great . thanks for any posts on this.. HELP ..
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    hi there ppl and thanks NOT for help. for u who maybe intrested the critical care formula worked a treat.. this site isnt worth the time and bother. so c yas dont want b wae yes...............

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    You probably would have gotten a much greater response had you posted your question in the appropriate forum. The fact of the matter is, very few member on this forum live in the UK, so the likelyhood of one of them checking out the UK forum AND knowing the answer to your question is very slim. This topic only has 15 reads at the time of me posting this and I'm relatively cerntain half of those are from me and half are from you.

    If you have a concern about your bearded dragon and would like to have your questions answered post them in the appropriate forum (Bearded Dragons) before losing your temper.

    We would need more information about your husbandry and care to draw any conclusions about this animal having a respiratory infection. The gaping and making weird noise could be the result of one, but we dont know. It's imposible to tell without more details... it's sort of like me saying that my stomach hurts so it must be a stomach virus. It could very well be, or it could be any number of things that may be more or less severe (food poisoning, ulcer, nothing, etc, ect ect)

    We need to know how you've been caring for the animal to decide if a factor in the could could be responsible for it's strange behavior. Check out the beardie forum, there is a stickied topic that should be filled out before posting so we can have a "background check" on the animal. Take the time to fill out the questions along with your questions and concerns in the bearded dragon forum and I'm sure you have a much easier time finding the help you desire. Here's a link:

    Just my .02, respiratory infections require antibiotics from a vet to cure. If your pet is continuing to act strangely and you feel it may be an RI, it needs vet attention. The vet can determine for you whether or not the animal is ill and can provide you with the proper medication to make it better. I'm not familiar with the One Care formula, but I'd wager it's not a medication to treat anything, but merely a source of easy to digest nutrients for sick reptiles. Providing this as a food source and giving an otherwise ideal environment to recover in may allow the dragon to get better on it's own, but it likely needs medical attention from a vet if the problems are still ensuing.

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