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    Hi, just wondering if this is just a problem i've been having with them or not.

    But their customer service with me over the past 6-7 months has been some of the worst customer service i've ever gotten from any place. First in August I ordered a bulb and was never told it was on back order, when i finally contacted them since they already charged me for it the guy said they're on back order for another week or so. So a week rolls around and no new information and i email him again, because i was going to buy another bulb just to hold over until i got my new megaray. Well after about a week and 3 emails unanswered and serveral messages left on his phone i call another number on the website and get some girl who said she found some extras and sent me one, which happened to be defective and admitted too much UVB and damn near made my beardie blind. So i contact them about sending it back and get no response so i sent it back with a tracking number (and i know they received it) and a note and get no response, even to multiple emails i sent to them as well.

    So now my current bulb is flaking out and i'm looking to get a new bulb, but want to make sure that the megarays aren't on back order so I sent an email and called them trying to figure everything out and no one answers to messages sent or left on voicemail because they're apparently never near their phones.

    So is this a problem only i'm having or are others have problems with their customer service as well, 2 years ago when i had a problem with my bulb they were right on top of getting me a new one and quick to reply, now it seems as if they don't really care.

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    I'm sorry, that really is terrible customer service :-/ I've never bought from them though so I can't input anything there... I hope you get contacted soon though, maybe you should find a different source in the mean time... good luck with everything...

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    I believe that reptileuv is the only place you can get mega ray bulbs. I've read alot of complaints about them.
    I use Zoo Med powersun, I think they have a one yr. warranty. I've never had a problem. I get them online for $49.99 with free shipping.

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