Rare Phelsuma

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    Rare Phelsuma

    1.1 2013 Phelsuma borbonica (agalegae) mater-$750 per pair
    (Breeder female is pictured (NFS) to show adult female coloration. Males are even more spectacular)

    Phelsuma guimbeaui 2011-2013 females-$250 each. Wait list on males, but purchase of a female gets next priority.

    1.1 2014/ 2013 Phelsuma inexpectata-$1000 per pair

    1.1 2012/2013 Phelsuma kochi-$200 per pair

    1.1 2013 Phelsuma laticauda-$150 per pair

    1.1 2012 Phelsuma klemmeri (proven)-$350 per pair
    2014 juveniles-$125 each

    1.1 2012 Phelsuma nigristriata-$300 per pair

    1.1 2013 Phelsuma robertmertensi-$350 per pair

    2.2 2011/2012 Phelsuma standingi-$300 per pair

    Some trades for rare Phelsuma, Ctenosaura (defensor in particular), or other rare lizards may be considered.

    Scientific Name: Phelsuma spp.
    Common Name: Day geckos
    Morph: None
    Sex Male
    Keywords: Phelsuma

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