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Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by sarahlinley, Aug 5, 2009.

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    yesturday my veiled chameleon layed 44 eggs, they are all bright white but 5 are starting to dent, the current temp is 74'f and they have been misted. i only got her friday last and was quite shocked to realise she was gravid, i really dont have any more experiance than reading various sites to get my information, all i was aware of was dehydration causes eggs to dent, and im sure they are not dehydrated. any advice would mean a lot to me.
    many thanks.
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    First off check the eggs to see if they are even fertile.
    This is called "candling", you just put a bright white light under the egg and see if you can see anything.
    BE CAREFUL, you can't move the eggs from the position they were laid in or they can die.

    I don't know alot but i do know you are defintely going to need an incubator.
    Either home made or a factory made one.
    You will need a 50/50 combination of water and perilite to achieve right humidity.

    Hopefully Heika or someone with chameleon experience can help you out on this one some more.
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    thanks for your reply.
    i have candled one but only see a yolk sac, do you know how soon viens should become visable?
    they are on the right substrate, i got it from my pet shop, mixed it with water so im happy with that, the incubator is set right, since my post 1 egg has regained its shape but 4 more have dented, i will candle more see if anything is visable. thanks again for your reply.
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    Be sure not to just mist them directly, eggs can also die if too moist, its really crazy but too much and too little is bad, you have to find a good median. P.M. me if you want step by step info on how i do it.
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    Sorry about the slow response.. been dealing with "real life" stuff, and haven't had a whole lot of time lately.

    Candling doesn't work well with veiled eggs.. it takes a LONG time to see veins. Don't mist the eggs, you will drown them. Place them in a tupperware container with perlite or vermiculate, damp but not soaked.. if you can barely sqeeze any water out, then you are doing good. Poke a couple small holes in the lid so the eggs can breath.. and put them in a closet, not an incubator. Weigh them initially, and add water to keep the vermiculate damp for the incubation period. It takes a while.. 6-11 months, depending on a few different factors. Here is a pic of an egg setup.. you don't want to bury the eggs completely. In this picture, they are hardly buried.. I bury them more than that now. I poke my finger into the medium to make a dent, and bury them about halfway up the side of the egg, leaving half of the egg exposed. Veiled females lay infertile clutches pretty often, so it is more than likely the case with her. If they are fertile, and you weren't ready for them this time.. chameleons store sperm. A portion of her next clutch will be fertile too.


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