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  1. geckolover22

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    So I love photography and trying to improve... They're okay pics completely reptile related as well. I'd would love if some people here could critique it? :)
    Normal Baby 006.JPG Yellow Belly Blossoms 021.JPG Yellow Belly Blossoms 058.JPG Yellow Belly Blossoms 081.JPG Rosy Photoshoot 4.27.13 052.JPG random 094.JPG Snakey pics 053.JPG legless lizard 003.JPG
  2. Cammy

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    I'm not a very good art or photo critic because I love everyone's pictures. The picture of the rosy looks just a tad overexposed, or maybe it just needs a little more contrast. The composition of the legless lizard pic seems a touch off. I probably would have had the lizard and leaf more in the first left third a little towards the top; that may be personal preference, however. I LOOOOVE the hog island pic with those eyes about to shed! I love the short depth of field on that; I would crop that picture so it's more focused on the head coming forward. The tail coming out at the same level is a little distracting. If you don't know what the "rule of thirds" is, look that up. It looks like you are doing it in most of your pictures already, even if you aren't aware of it. You seem to be able to find good backgrounds to compliment or contrast with the subject of the picture.

    Edit: Maybe something more like this on the hog? I dunno, play around with it.

  3. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) I've heard that rule before but never really looked into it but I will now :) I haven't edited any of the pics at all really.. suppose to edit them or get as naturalas possible??
  4. LittleLeopard

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    Very good. I like the top two best as the colourations compliment each other more. Over all composition is fantastic and I find the cloudy eyes picture captivating.
  5. Amanumis

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    I really love the first pic, and how the things in focus are not all centered. The rest of the pics, having the main focal point centered is something I try to avoid more often than not.
    Maybe try putting your main focal point off center, and see what you think of things that way.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  6. Mahama22

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    For the most part, what you've got here is great stuff, really. Focus is pretty much spot on in all of them. The only real advice I can start to offer up revolves around perspective and depth of field. For reptiles, an interesting shot pretty much requires that you get on eye level with the animal. You have this down perfectly in many of these (it looks like you've got them in a tree, awesome!), but you see what happens when you don't do this in your legless amphib/caecilian shot (I'm not sure what it is). If you try shooting down on a reptile, you usually end up looking like you're posting a shot as a breeder, just trying to show off what your animal looks like. Additionally, in the perspective department, motion usually makes pictures attractive. This doesn't mean that literally make a shot blurry, but that if you photograph an animal moving across the frame, position your shot so that the animal's movement is leading into the frame, not out of it. This ties in closely to the "Rule of Thirds" that Cammy mentioned. The last bit really isn't even much of a critique, it's more of advice. The easiest way to take an ordinary shot and make it look "special" or improve it is just to play with the depth of field by adjusting your aperture. This will control how much of your image is in focus and how much background will become a dreamy, blurry canvas for your reptile. Great stuff and keep with it!
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    I just bought my first bearded dragon today. Now I need to name her. Well, not sure if she's a her or not.

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