Pets At Home doing reptiles again?

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by LittleMick, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. LittleMick

    LittleMick Embryo

    When I was having my little discusion with my local herp store the chap mentioned that Pets At Home are doing reptiles, and that apparently they got closed down before for not selling their herps correctly?!?! And apparently their herps weren't kept correctly.

    Well I'm oblivious to all this as I only new a Pets At home existed in April this year when I got my first pets, me Gerbils. Now I never had any problems with them despite other retailers dissing them, I felt it was probably just inter store propaganda.

    Anyway, I was down there again this afternoon, getting some Gerb stuff and sure enough they have started doing herps again, they have some Beardies, Leo's and Tortoises in. I thought I would have a nosey and get some crickets and the woman only kept pulling out locusts . Then to top it off they didn't have any 2nd star cricks in, I was like..... this is probably one of the most popular cricks and you haven't got in.

    CONCLUSION - First visit on thir herp section, I was not really impressed. They keep their herps on sand as well so I need to find out what sand it is. I was rather hoping they would do things proper this time round as I could do with another herp retailer in my town.

  2. nathansdiary

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    I went into pets at home today and they had so many adverts up outside and inside about the arrival of their "reptiles" and all they had was 2 BD's!!! Their food was also really overpriced so i will not be going there for my supplies!
  3. 00luke00

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    We went to my local today and they were kept in hurrendous conditions. They just had a couple of beardies and leos. All were housed together regardless of size and kept on sand. The beardie tank was also more suitable for an arboreal species, had hardly any ground space especially for 10+ beardies. Haven't tried the food yet, might do one day as my lps somtimes runs out..
  4. michelle2010

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    I'm new here, hello everyone! I have leos and I am seeking some important stuff about my leos specially food matters.

    Yeah you're right Mick, Thank you for this post.
  5. swizZer

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    they are selling them at my local Pets at home and the leo's are on sand. I've since sent an email with my concerns about them using sand for young leos and they responded by saying there is nothing wrong with sand according to their in house vet BUT they have loads of reptile carpet on order which will be sent out to all the stores when it arrives. We will have to wait and see!
  6. Just_Some_Guy

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    swizZer that is a sucess in its self; to get a e-mail back is great.
  7. swizZer

    swizZer Embryo

    sure is mate!
  8. swizZer

    swizZer Embryo

    Went into Pets at Home today and am now happy to say the Leo's are now on reptile carpet!

    RESULT!! :(
  9. Just_Some_Guy

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  10. LittleMick

    LittleMick Embryo

    I think ours are still on sand, although my concerns about using sand are not as bad as they used to be, alot of people who keep Leos in the UK, or least the ones I have spoken with sand, although it is always the play sand from somewhere like argos, they also use methods of feeding so as not to risk the Leo gobbling up sand while striking, like feeding out of the enclosure, putting feeders in dishs that have steep side so the feeders can't escape.

    I know my Elle has gone off her crix lately, her main diet is meal worms, not as nutricious but she still eats the odd cricket every now and again. I was actually thinking of switching her to this play sand and seee how it goes. I would obvously just sit and watch her for a few days to see her eaction to it, if she even shows the slightest bit of interest in eating it I'll have to take it out.
  11. Pets at home are the worst pet shop ever!
  12. swizZer

    swizZer Embryo

    Thats why when I eventually get my 1st Leo, it will be from a breeder!
  13. LittleLeopard

    LittleLeopard New Member

    I got a leo from pets at home. 2 weeks later discovered that it had cryptus. She died i phoned up said to them they had a cryptus problem. They did nothing about it. They clam their leo's (That are far to young to sex) are all girls. Their so called reptile experts have what half an hours training!! Their beards tanks are far two small and all the live food I got from their die a day later. My conclusion is, my local pets at home are just selling reps for money and shouldn't sell them.
    I will NEVER by from pets at home. It was a big mistake on my behalf that I wish and regret that I never made.
  14. Just_Some_Guy

    Just_Some_Guy Embryo

    If you have serious concerns about the well-being of reptiles (or any animals) at a pet shop / business / residence. You can call the RSPCA 0300 1234 999
  15. YourChameleon

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    The Pets at Home store near me had some Chameleons in a year ago and they had Bark Chippings for substrate !!! Doh

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