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  1. Lenny and Louie285.

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    I recently purchased a baby Pac-Man frog that came with set up. The problem is there are little stones in his set up and from what I've seen he has already accidentally got one in his mouth while trying to catch crickets. (Which he spit out without a problem). Now, I realize I need to change the substrate and I was just wondering what the best thing to use for a Pac-Man would be. Any input would be helpful, thanks

  2. Cammy

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    Well you are right about the stones; definitely not a good idea. A good choice for your pac man would be anything that will retain some moisture and that he can burrow down into. I would avoid anything with bark chips as they can easily accidentally ingest these when they go after their food. A reptile safe soil mix such as sterile potting soil (no fertilizers!), bed-a-beast, coco-fiber soil, or eco earth would be good. I'm personally a fan of sphagnum/peat moss myself.
  3. Lenny and Louie285.

    Lenny and Louie285. New Member

    I filled his tank with moss. He seems to be happier. He gets to burrow deeper and no more accidental rocks instead of crickets! image.jpg
  4. Sharman Wisdom

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    I use a mixture of soil and coconut fiber.

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