ok why isn't any one talking more about corn snakes

Discussion in 'Corns & Rat Snakes' started by Blue_Dragon, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. Blue_Dragon

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    :)well it is like this other forum topics but still
    come on start chatting:):eek:

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  3. Neil

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    I know..where is everyone? Does no one here own a corn?! :). When some more members join up I'm sure we'll get a few posts, after all, corns are very, very popular snakes.

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  5. Axe

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    Yup, they are... I'd have at least a dozen of every kind if I could....

    *thinks about the win he's gonna get on the lottery next weekend* :)

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  7. platedbeast

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    well this isnt very important for anyone except for me but i thought i would share my difficulties with ya'll.. i had a conversation with someone which pretty much tells my whole story. I WANT a corn but my mom sais i can only have one reptile so she wants me to get rid of my plated lizard.

    here is the convo i had with the person.

    platedbeast1986: hi are u there?
    tgolding_22: yes.
    platedbeast1986: i got mixed feelings what i should do
    tgolding_22: What do you mean?
    platedbeast1986: okay my plated
    platedbeast1986: i want to find it a good home
    platedbeast1986: but i dont know if im just trying to get rid of it so i can have a corn or if im doing whats best
    platedbeast1986: because it is possible for me to get a 50 gal tub and put him in it
    platedbeast1986: did i tell u even?
    tgolding_22: I read it on the group.
    platedbeast1986: my mom said that i could get a corn but i gotta find a home for zula
    tgolding_22: It depends on how you feel. What do you feel?
    platedbeast1986: very confused
    platedbeast1986: like its possible for me to keep him but i wouldnt be able to give him that much attention but does he need attention probably not seeing how hes a reptile but then he'll get mean if hes not handaled enough
    platedbeast1986: so on so on
    tgolding_22: That is the same with all reptiles though. Would you be able to give better attention to the corn?
    platedbeast1986: see then again i think i could, because its a snake and he wont try to run and claw me everytime i hold him
    platedbeast1986: zula doesnt really claw me
    platedbeast1986: see im confused
    platedbeast1986: grrr
    tgolding_22: But the snake might bite when you try.
    platedbeast1986: true
    platedbeast1986: but corns are suppose to never bite.. i mean ofcourse there is always the eception
    platedbeast1986: i dunno i think I WANT the corn more then zula
    platedbeast1986: and i could give him a better home or an equally good home
    platedbeast1986: but it would be because i was being selfish
    tgolding_22: One of my corns for a while was very aggressive.
    tgolding_22: You gotta take into consideration, what happens if you find something you want more than the corn?
    platedbeast1986: yea
    platedbeast1986: but see
    platedbeast1986: i would say oh well
    platedbeast1986: because the corn is suppose to be happy in a 30 gal long
    platedbeast1986: and thats what i have
    platedbeast1986: and ill tell u what
    platedbeast1986: those crix keep me up all freakin night
    platedbeast1986: and givin me headaches
    platedbeast1986: all they do is chirp chirp
    platedbeast1986: and thier is alternatives
    tgolding_22: I know how that is. I got a bearded also.
    platedbeast1986: there is always alternatives
    platedbeast1986: but they arent as easy as they always sound
    platedbeast1986: u cant just give em meal worms that too fatty
    platedbeast1986: and i do give him 5 a week
    platedbeast1986: but its possible for me to get one of those 50 gal storage bins and put him in that
    platedbeast1986: aint it?
    tgolding_22: Yup. You can. Does he climb alot?
    platedbeast1986: no
    platedbeast1986: just i made him a rock hill/ cave
    platedbeast1986: and he bask on the rocks
    tgolding_22: Also remember that corns can eat alot for them.
    platedbeast1986: like slanted
    platedbeast1986: eat alot for them?
    tgolding_22: Then a 50 gal. tub would work as far as I know. As long as heating and stuff is okay.
    tgolding_22: how much do crix cost?
    platedbeast1986: like 4 dollars a week
    platedbeast1986: which does add up
    tgolding_22: Know how much mice cost?
    platedbeast1986: 1 dollar an like 10 cents
    platedbeast1986: for a live pinky
    tgolding_22: Full grown mice?
    platedbeast1986: i dunno
    platedbeast1986: and i wouldnt give him a live full grown mouse
    platedbeast1986: i dont think
    platedbeast1986: itd try to bite him wouldnt it?
    tgolding_22: Adult corns can eat 3-5 in a week. Babies can eat the same amount in a quicker time.
    tgolding_22: Live or dead. Dead is the ideal way to go.
    platedbeast1986: but there is always the alt.
    platedbeast1986: ordering em offline
    platedbeast1986: which is like 2 cents per pinky
    tgolding_22: Still can be spendy from what I have seen.
    tgolding_22: But you gotta buy so many pinkies before they ship an order.
    platedbeast1986: yea
    platedbeast1986: my mom said food isnt a problem as long as they dont chirp
    tgolding_22: Don't bring home live mice.
    platedbeast1986: and im afraid they are going to start to annoy my dad
    platedbeast1986: i wouldnt
    platedbeast1986: and if they annoy my dad
    platedbeast1986: everything is gone
    platedbeast1986: grrr
    tgolding_22: It isn't an easy decision to just make. I give that.
    platedbeast1986: i know
    platedbeast1986: i think ive made up my mind
    platedbeast1986: my friend wants to buy him
    platedbeast1986: if his parents let him
    platedbeast1986: then that way i could visit him alot and give him advice
    platedbeast1986: and ensure he's being treated right
    platedbeast1986: and i could have a corn too
    tgolding_22: That is a good plan.
    platedbeast1986: or im going to sell to a person on the plateds group but i dont think they are interested
    platedbeast1986: but i know they would take much more care than i could

    your probably saying why did he post that.. but its just the only thing i had to say at the time, and hi btw im James, i live in rochester, NY.

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  9. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    It can be tough when u'r under restrictions from parents, roommates, landlords, etc.

    But if you're friend can take the plated lizard, then great :)

    But like he says, if you've got school, etc, and you decide to keep both, have you got the time to to dedicate to both animals?

    They don't take a lot of time to CARE for in general (cleaning enclosures, feeding time, etc.) but you will wanna handle each of 'em for 30-60 minutes each day.

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  11. Rainey

    Rainey Embryo

    This is ridiculous! People have cornsnakes! I know this for a fact. Why does no one want to talk about them? Don't you love your cornsnakes?
  12. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    I love mine, they're all just good n' healthy and doing great, lol. So not really much to say about 'em other than that they're cute :)
  13. Rainey

    Rainey Embryo

    Katie, the one on ssnakess.com was pretty sick for about a month. She was regurging everything I gave her. With some time, heat, lack of stress and grapefruit seed extract she's all better now. She crapped for the first time in a month yesterday. I haven't been so happy to see poo in a cage since... well... never!

    Kassie is a slow grower... she's got good genes though I'm confident that she'll speed up soon here!

    They're both so gentle! The one thing that I did notice about them is that Katie loves to burrow and do the whole bugs bunny thing, but Kassie never burrows. She seems to be a climber. That's cool though!
  14. CornLover

    CornLover Embryo

    okay another question for ya'll. I have heard that having sticks or things for them to climb on makes a corn snake more willing to strike at a person trying to take them outa their cage? Has anyone had any experience with this or is it a myth?
  15. Rainey

    Rainey Embryo

    I have never heard that before... I have wood in both my enclosures and I've never had my corns nip at me. Having something for them to climb on is a great way to encourage them to get some exercise. What I have done is added a ledge on the cool side and put the cool hide on it. The piece of wood is how my corn gets up to the cool hide. She loves it... well I haven't heard any complaints at least.
  16. froggystyle34

    froggystyle34 Embryo

    having sticks in the enviroment has nothing to do with the disposistion of a corn, i have kept and caught corn snakes all of my lief, and only ever been struck at by one gravid female in my barn. it was a closed mouth strike so no harm was done. but sticks dont hurt anyhing

    right now i have 5 corns. a creamsicle, a reverse okeetee, two normals, and an albino corn(amel)

    thats what i keep and i know quite a bit about my critters. i hood each of them about 3 times a week up to an hour or two at a time. the are really flighty but when i put them in there paly tree the look like, american corn boas...lol (made up term) well anyways thoguht i would share my opinions.

  17. nathanjburt

    nathanjburt Embryo

    My Missus used to keep and breed corns but her mum made her get rid of them. We can talk about them til the cows come home if you like.
  18. natashaccollins

    natashaccollins Embryo

    I hate being called 'The Missus' Nathan, please don't do it. But what he says is true, I did use to keep and breed them until 6 of the babies escaped (no idea how). Mum then told me to get rid of them all :) . I don't mind too much as I am leaving home next year and plan on keeping them again. So if anyone wants to chat about them I will chat with you :) .

    Why is it that when ever I log on Nathan you log off?

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  19. XzyluM

    XzyluM Embryo

    I don't really care much for colubrids. However, there is a few that really catch my eye like the Blizzards. I prefer the boas and pythons though. :)
  20. stormyva

    stormyva Embryo

    I am with you Xzylum... I much prefer the boids. There are a few colubrids that are neat looking though. The Mandarin Rats and the Vietnamese Blue Beauty.
  21. Neil

    Neil Embryo

    I also like boids, particularly Rainbow Boas and gorgeous albino Royal Pythons but I think colubrids are fantastic. Milk snakes are amongst my favourite and albino California Kings. Corns remain my favourite though and I have five of them: A Normal, Anery, Amel, Butter and an Intermontana (which is argueably a Great Plains Rat Snake but they're basically the same thing).
  22. Okeetee45

    Okeetee45 Embryo

    8) i'm new and i have an Okeetee corn snake does anyone else??
  23. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    At the moment...

    0.1.0 '01 Proven Amel
    1.0.0 '02 Snow
    0.1.0 '03 Amel het Snow
    1.2.0 '03 Blizzards
    2.2.0 '03 Amel double het butter motley
    0.0.1 '03 Caramel Motley Stripe poss het Amel & Hypo
    0.0.1 '03 Amel Motley Stripe poss het Caramel & Hypo
    0.0.1 '03 Hypo Motley Stripe poss het Amel & Caramel
  24. whistler

    whistler Embryo

    when u gonna get some corns Axe??lol
  25. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    hehe, I've already got corns, didn't you see my list above? :)

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