New King? I think so!

Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by Belletair, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Hey there.

    Been a while since I was last on here (used to be user Al99 or something like that, forgot the password and even the email I was under... oh well), but I went to the expo in GR the other day and picked up a b&w banded cali king, and that made me go... hey, I should check out this site again.

    So yeah, I did. Cool to be back. ;)

    Anyway... just had a quick question: how are cali kings on eating f/t? The gentleman I bought him from said he's been on live (though he's only about nine inches long, just a hatchling) since he got him, and before I try feeding him... well, I like to know how a species is with dead food (so as I know if I need to stick around and make the mouse "dance" or just put him and it in a box and can go about my business with whatever).

    See, I've never owned a king before. Ever. It's always been corns, bps and my one rtb (<3).

    Yeah, I know. Weird question. You're probably like "why don't you just try...?" and I will, but I only got him Sunday and so... I'ma waiting a while as I do with any new arrival (and I'm just looking for something to talk about in a "first" topic).

    Anywaaaaaaay. I'm just happy to be back. :)
  2. Belletair

    Belletair New Member

    Alrighty... he ate great. Right out of the tongs. ^_~
  3. Congrats.Sounds like you know what you're doing.I always feed mine from tongs.My hondos are soo big they might accidentally grab me.I always feed my snakes f/t or f/k.It keeps them from getting scarred.I always thaw my mice in warm water ,pat them dry and dangle them from the tongs.Works like a charm.Good Job!!!

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