New Gargoyle

Discussion in 'Rhacodactylus (Crested) Geckos' started by geckolover22, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    So I picked up my first garg today from an expo
    When I brought him home I just noticed his back is sloped and at the base of the tail seems to be kinked/bent up a little bit... is this normal? Get some pics when I get home..
  2. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    2013070795171432.jpg 2013070795185344.jpg 2013070795185527.jpg 2013070795185544.jpg
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  3. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Aw, she's adorable! And her tails completely normal :)
  4. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    Okay thank god haha she runs around fine and loves her food haha but i thought the hunchback was a little abnormal. Thank you!
  5. Tim3skimo

    Tim3skimo New Member

    Yup that's normal :) I love geckos and hope to get a Gargoyle one day, but I have never seen any in South Africa :p

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