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Discussion in 'Venomous Snakes' started by bodom85, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. bodom85

    bodom85 Embryo

    At the hamburg pa show yesterday I traded my red pygmy rattler for a gold eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii). I picked up a pvc cage from PMherps. Today I added some sticks and fake trees. I also added a uv light to it. It makes it really bright. Hard to photo though.

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  2. Skunky

    Skunky Embryo

    Best decision you ever made!! Rattlers are ugly as sin :) Eyelash vipers are one of my fave...this is a beautiful specimen! Wish you could see one they have at the Atlanta's pearl white...STUNNING!

    Great find Bodom! Safe keeping!
  3. rinako

    rinako New Member

    Oh I love eyelash vipers! Your little guy/gal is so cute!
  4. Skunky

    Skunky Embryo

    Hope those pliers arent your feeding tongs! :) LOL!
  5. bodom85

    bodom85 Embryo

    Noway man. That red pygmy was amazing. I just wanted to try something new. I've been wanting an eyelash forever. One of the species that got me into venomous. I still have my sidewinder though.
  6. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    it looks amazing. i wish i had the space to keep hots, and the know how might be important too XD
  7. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    it looks amazing. i wish i had the space to keep hots, and the know how might be important too XD
  8. bodom85

    bodom85 Embryo

    No Skunky, those pliers are too long for feeding. I just use my good ol' fingers. Just kidding. I have a pair of 18" hemostats for feeding my snakes. The eyelash viper is probably one of the most calm snakes I have (that includes both hot and not). That is a dangerous trait though. I just gotta remind myself that its still a venomous snake and can kill me if I get to close. You just cant get lax in your handling of these guys. Those pliers have come in handy in the reptile room. Mainly for caging and husbandry issues rather than snake handling. Skunky do you have aim by any chance?
  9. Skunky

    Skunky Embryo

    Sorry Bodom, no AIM!! Yep, you're right though, the real fire-crackers keep you on your toes, you never put your guard down. But the quiet guys, they're the one's that'll get you one day...cause you get complacent!

    Be safe.
  10. BooBah

    BooBah Embryo

    LOL i was at the hamburg show and i seen alot of venomous species i have never seen up close.I dont keep any venomous animals cuz i would think they were cuddly and try to play with them and get bit.
  11. яowan.ω

    яowan.ω Member

    Ahhh, your snake looks stunning! I love eyelash vipers. I had one when I lived in Florida, but we had to sell her when we moved to a smaller place. I keep in touch with the new owner, and she's gone to a lovely home.
    Your snake's eyes are especially beautiful... The light brown color with the strip of green across the middle looks amazing.
    Best wishes to you both!
  12. dogking

    dogking HOTM Winner September

    wow! eyelash vipers are the reason I got into snakes. They are by far my FAVORITE snake, and the specimen that you got is absolutely beautiful!
  13. Sharman Wisdom

    Sharman Wisdom HOTM Winner December

    nice looking snake, but I don't like venomous snakes, I have nightmares about them. We have a lot of rattlesnakes in our yard and I already stepped on one!
  14. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    Thats a beauty. Whats its name and how much is that worth?
  15. toadboytodd

    toadboytodd New Member

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