New Aproximatly 6 month old red male Iggy HELP!!

Discussion in 'Iguanas' started by Star T., May 23, 2014.

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    i just got a healthy handsome Male Red Iggy. The pet store owner and I have worked with each other for a long time and I just brought him home yesterday ... So I have a lot of questions so advice is welcome but his belly is bright neon lime green with a little yellow not very much. If you like I could try to upload pictures? The pet store owner and I have worked closely together for about 6 months now with the Chinese water dragons. No worries he is eating well and is vary active, and he sleeps well at night ... he is already also soaking in his water dish...and I am misting him due to him shedding. he is a little skittish because this is his first time being outside of the pet store can any one give me tips to help him kind of settle in and get used to me and my family? No worries I am not backing down from him .... I have a couple of scratches on my hand from handling him tonight (( he got scared of the dog and tried to run, not his fault))but he didn't head bob whip his tail or try to bite so he seems to be very mellow tempered and I know no approaching to pick him up from above... I have experience with Chinese water dragons but never an Iggy my dad has had some so he is helping me out but I could use some tips... can you recommend any fruit I know yellow squash, strawberries, tomato (( very little as a special treat)), any others that he might like these are just theones iknow he has had while he was at the petstore ... HELP!!
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    sorry if the post is a little jumbled

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