My new African Bullfrog

Discussion in 'General Amphibians' started by gex236, Oct 28, 2010.

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    Hey all. I just started working at Petsmart last week. We had a Pixie frog in stock that the opening crew almost killed. seems they would throw him in food, and assume he ate it. I opened 2 days ago and found him dried up to the point that he couldn't open his eyes. He also hadn't eaten, considering there were 3 crickets hiding under his log.

    Anyway, I took him to the in-store vet and they just soaked him. As of yesterday he was looking a lot better, to my surprise. So this morning I decided I didn't want him to end up going to a home that could let that happen again and I took him home.

    He must be feeling great now, because an hour after I got him into his new home he ate, and thats the first time he's eaten in over a week. I thought it would end up being a process trying to get him to eat, but he lived up to the name of the voracious frog.

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    Very nice, looks female to me.

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