My Leopard Gecko looked like it had a seizure

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by ombot, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. ombot Embryo

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    I was handling my gecko, and for no reason his tail started shaking real bad and the rest of his body became stiff and looked like he stopped breathing. I put him back in his tank and he started to move gradually. Now, one of his hind legs isnt moving correctly. Does anyone know what could have caused this?

  2. Spot Embryo

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    Can u tell us more about your leo/set up?
    1. how old/big is your leo
    2. how long have you him?
    3. what's your substrate?
    4. what are you feeding him?
    5. what are the temps in the enclosure and how are u measuring it?
    6. is he pooping regularly?

    I believe a severe impaction can pinch/block some nerves and cause paralysis/seizures, esecially in the back legs.
  3. ombot Embryo

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    Hey, I am not sure exactly how old he is, but I have had him for 3 months and he was only a little baby when I got him. The pet store said he was probably only 2 months when I bought him. His substrate is calcium sand (i forget the brand). I am feeding him mealworms, he doesnt like crickets that much. And the temp inside the enclosture is currently between 75 and 80 degrees (using a strip termometer). I believe he is pooping regularly, although I am not sure how his eating habbits are. He poops at least once a day, but some days he doesnt like to eat and on those days doesnt poop.


    P.S. - This is my first reptile pet, so if i am doing something wrong please let me know, I am just going by what others have told me and a friend that has a lizard as well.
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    get him off the sand and put him on papertowel. and raise the temps 10 degrees.i realy do not know what a strip thermometer is but you should buy him a under tank heater .
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    that is the same thing that tiny was going through before she died. on december 15th at 11pm she had a seizure and then continued to have them into the next day. with each one she would lose the ability to move her hind legs and before she died she couldn't even move any part of her precious little body. her legs would get stiff and her body as well, she would then have very shallow breathing for a minute or three and then started breathing very very hard. we thought she may have been impacted but when she died we ruled that out. the only information wesley found was from another herp parent that had their herp die and the vet said it was a neurological condition that the herp had from birth. it only lived to be a few months old. we figured since tiny was a rescue on the verge of death that she had may have had this problem as well as others.

    sorry i can't give you any useful information, just a story. good luck.

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