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  1. Fae

    Fae New Member

    Here is my FBTs being hilarious as usual. They are all males. Thanks for looking :)

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Haha! Very cute = )

    My favorite part was at 1:27...the epic feeding fail by multiple frogs ; )
  3. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    Cute! I like it how at one time there were 3 all stacked lol :p
    And nice naturalistic setup! I like the running water and they all look really happy :)
    Do you have names for them? Though, it might be hard to tell them apart-I bet after a while you can.
  4. Fae

    Fae New Member

    Yes they have names :) Sorry that it's pink I copied it from my signature at FF. :) And I love the epic feeding fail too :)
    Bombina - Herbert, Hercules, Hector, Hugo, Hobbit, & Hopper
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  5. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Lol I love how that one guys is like "I must.... I MUST climb! I Must Climb on EVERYBODY! I MUST BE ON TOP!!!!" Mwahahahaha

    Heh, cute little guys you have there!
  6. Louie

    Louie Member

    You really set up some very nice natural looking set ups. I would imagine with a female they would easily breed in that set up.
  7. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    Nice names! All start with H too I noticed :p And it doesn't matter it's in pink-it's better that way lol
  8. Fae

    Fae New Member

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my hands on a female. For some reason the local pet shops only carry males. I've heard that my chances of getting a female is 1 in 10. I hear my males calling EVERY night. It seems to get louder and louder, but I don't mind :)
  9. naykid

    naykid Member

    Cool set up, like lizardgurl8 said natural looking:)
  10. Louie

    Louie Member

    I see.
    I don't know if you even want to breed them but your set up looks like a natural marsh which is why breeding them came to mind.

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