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    I have a Veiled Chameleon named Roger. Roger is very weak. She has been like this for about a week. We have tried everything to try to get her better, but she has only gotten worse. She suffered from a issue similar to this a few months ago. The vet has told us that she wasn't having enough calcium. We understood that sometimes the calcium supplement on the crickets isn't enough. So she was getting calcium injections about every two days. She recovered from that, but recently like I mentioned for about a week already she hasn't been the same. She started to become very weak again. She is unable to grip her vines, she falls off of them. She hasn't ate and hasn't drank water. We took her to the vet on Tuesday and they gave her another calcium injection. The soonest availability they had to give her a second inj will be tomorrow at 9 AM. In the meantime we have put a little hammock in her cage just incase she falls she doesn't hit the bottom of the cage. Unfortunately when I went home for lunch today, she was at the bottom of the cage. Very weak and not moving, eyes were closed. I was very worried I picked her up and put her under lukewarm water and she kind of opened her eyes and turned bright green. I am asking for suggestions on what I should do until she gets to see the vet tomorrow? Details on her cage will be listed below.

    Lighting: UVB light is a 5.0 ZooMed 13W tropical
    Heat source: ZooMed Daylight 60W
    Gut loading feeders with spinach and carrots and dusting them with ZooMed Repti calcium with d3-phosphorus free. Dusting every feeding.
    Feeding schedule: putting about 3 crickets a day sometimes theres a few left hopping around the next day so I don't put anymore
    Hydration: I have a dripper, it drips on the leaves in the cage. I also spray water around the cage and on her every few hours.
    Cage measurements: 24x24x48

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