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Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by Chasec12550, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Is it ok to mix a leopard gecko and long tailed lizards in one 20 gallon tank? If u can mix them, what size tank should I use?
  2. axelmagic Embryo

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    NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a really bad idea cause you cant even house two leopard geckos together let alone 2 different species of geckos
  3. artgecko Embryo

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    BIG NO, mixiing species is a way bad idea, its unpredictable, one species may be a carrier of a harmful disease to the other species, territorial fighting, the list goes on its not a good idea.
  4. moonjelly Embryo

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    no not a good idea. Especially as certain species have certain requirements that differ to other species.
  5. BG_Gecko Embryo

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    What do you mean you cant even house two leopard geckos together? Not two males, no. But several females or 1 male with a few females is fine.
    Leopard geckos are in fact okay to be kept with a few species and this is TESTED you just need a bigger tank. Its easiest to mix a gecko that lives on the ground (like a leo) with a gecko that prefers height. Youll also need plenty of shelters for both species and you should make sure the different species are about the same length.
    They CAN be kept with:

    Day geckos, phelsuma, larger species. (tested)
    Medium lacertids (tested)
    Small desert amagids
    small-medium cordylus and larger platysaurus species (tested)

    and several more
    the only thing you need to change is the way you setup your vivarium. (with a gecko that lives mainly on the walls youll need a higher vivarium etc. more shelters)
    It says so in the book herpetoculture of leopard geckos by ron tremper a.o. and its tested. I know several people who do mix species.
    The only thing you might not want to put together with your leo is an african fat tail because sometimes they can breed and theyre not sure if the babies that come out of this are 100% healthy and if its ethically okay.
  6. 00luke00 Well-Known Member

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    Leo's imo, do a WHOLE lot better when housed seperatly. Only time i'll house multiples is when breeding.

    Sure, it may have been tested with other species, but it is NOT reccommended for the average herp keeper. I would NEVER even think of housing those species together, ever. I also don't think we should be recommending it.

    Leo's and AFTs can NOT be bred. Leo's are actually ground dwellers, and do not need a high enclosure.
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    sorry if you git it all wrong

    Sorry if you understood me wrong, i didnt mean the height is needed for the leo but when you put a phelsuma in there you will need a higher viv.
    I never recommended it but if someone was going to do it anyway you might as well tell what te best species are. I wouldnt do it either but I do have 3 females in one viv together and I dont understand what could be wrong about it as long as you keep an eye on things. If theyre all have been in quarantaine and are healthy i dont see a problem. Once you notice something is wrong with one of them like weird looking poop and stuff you just need to figure out immediately whose it is etc. once again I dont recommend anything but here in the netherlands its very common to house several leos together even the best breeders sometimes do it, no problem at all.
  8. 00luke00 Well-Known Member

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    RE: sorry if you git it all wrong

    Oh right, ok, yeh the phelsuma species do need higher enclosures.

    All i'm saying is leo's should not be housed with anything BUT other leos, if at all.
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    RE: sorry if you git it all wrong

    The trick here is that Leo's need a very arid environment and some of the species you list need semi-humid to humid environments. If you are a very, very experienced keeper and truly know each species inside and out then it could be attempted, although in general it is still not recommended. The majority of keepers here are new to the hobby and such cohabitating should not be considered at all. Too much can go wrong too quickly, it's not worth it for the geckos involved frankly.
  10. Saucy Embryo

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    RE: sorry if you git it all wrong

    And why would you mix species from completely different areas? I agree with Clem. With the completely different environmental requirements of the species, it's really not going to be good for either of them to go halfway between what they both need.
  11. 00luke00 Well-Known Member

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