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    These packages are usually fixed size, and consumers have to pay a high fee once they have to change the size after purchase. In the end, the price is not cheap at all. For example, a cabinet brand launched a cabinet package for a community owner, where the standard size of the cabinet is 3 meters.
    But in fact, the size of most of the unit's installed cabinets in the community is at least 3.2 meters and 3.5 meters. In addition, the standard size of the wall cabinet in the package is 1 meter, which also does not match most of the units in the community.
    In fact, almost no such package size is applicable. Most of the units will exceed this size. For the excess, the merchant will calculate the fee in units of Yanmi, and no discount will be given. The sales staff of a brand cabinet told the reporter bluntly that the launch of the package is actually a means of promotion for the merchant.
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