Male tortoise has maybe started to brumate? Or what else

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    I have a male russian tortoise. I am sure of this because his tail is curved off to the side and not short like a females. Trust me on this. He has been digging in his cage when the light has been shut off in his box or cage which is 2 feet by 3 feet. And he digs around with his fronts all night almost until he finds a comfortable spot. I was thinking that it might be too cold at night since one night our house dropped into the fifties. Actually I think I few nights, but anyway he dug and finally found a place under his pool. I don't know how he did. But he finally did it. And has stayed there for a day. I take him out see if he is ok. Seems to respond to my touches fine. Doesn't seem to have any discharge on his eyes or cloaca. But I think he maybe looking for a hot spot and I do not have an undertank heater because he likes to dig right down to the bottom which is almost three or four inches. I do not want him to be burned. I know those things say they only hit 100 degrees but him being there for hours on end I do not think that is health. I have him in a warm bath instead. Very warm. He has not pooped yet. I am thinking he was brumating and I restarted his activity process. He has been pooping in that spot under the pool. And his eating decreased a little bit, but he would still go for things, mostly fruits instead of his veggies. Although he still went for the veggies. I was going to say that he was possibly brumating.

    There is no if ands or butts.. LOL that this little guy is a male.

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