Male or female Jones Armadillo?

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by Jessica Schoo, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Jessica Schoo

    Jessica Schoo Embryo

    My armadillo lizard is 6 months old, and at first I believed it to be a female. Her head was as narrow as her neck. Now it's broadening and she developed a yellow throat. I'm having difficulty finding any pictures comparing male and females side by side.
    Any thoughts? 10153639_870165012999497_8121702872252610188_n.jpg

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    I've read that this species can be very difficult to sex even looking at the vents... I've not seen enough for comparison to know how to sex them otherwise. If this is the only one you plan on keeping and you have no intention of breeding, I'd personally just arbitrarily assign it a sex, lol =)
  3. Jessica Schoo

    Jessica Schoo Embryo

    I know someone with a lizard the same age, and I thought about breeding in the future. She said hers didn't have the yellow-orange coloration under the chin like mine does. Didn't know if it was significant.

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