Madden 21:EA is focusing in on Face of the Franchise this year

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    MUT Coins Madden 21 A number of Madden 21 leaked screenshots have surfaced online giving a potential preview of what’s coming in the new game. Amongst the screenshots are a look at what Franchise Mode includes along with several interesting player and team ratings. There also appears to be a brand new game mode. It’s called “The Yard” and has definitely piqued curiosity ahead of the game’s release date.

    It’s safe to say EA is focusing in on Face of the Franchise this year.

    With a sub-heading “Rise to Fame” the game mode will start with your character in High School before progressing through College and into the NFL.

    It sounds a lot like NFL Street which was a great game and it’s a smart concept to include in Madden. Bryan Wiedey aka Pasta Padre had a poignant take on the mode’s inclusion.

    However some of the interesting potential reveals came as far as ratings go. Based on the leaked screenshots the top-rated rookie for Madden 21 ratings will be the Washington Redskins’ Chase Young. He gets an 80 buy NFL 21 Coins besting Bengals’ Joe Burrow who tops all rookie QB ratings with a 76. That’s definitely noteworthy as Young is available in the Rookie Premier program for Madden 20.

    Dev Traits and Abilities are also being retuned while offensive linemen are getting some more specific progressions to help differentiate tackles guards and centers. always provide clients the best price in Madden Ultimate Team Coins no matter when you buy from us you will find it cheapest all the time.

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