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Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by Belletair, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Belletair

    Belletair New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm considering getting a Burmese python, and it'd be my first. I've researched them greatly, but am just looking for info on your first-hand experience.

    Also, about what size cage will and adult need? Some say 6' x 6' x 4' is fine, some say otherwise. Some say you need an entire room. I honestly can't find a straight answer, but I guess that's to be expected with a large snake. XD

    Another thing, I can't seem to find out whether or not these guys like f/t. A few articles say they're a pain to get feeding on dead stuff, some say they're champs. It tends to be confusing. ^_^

    I've owned red tails for many years now, and I honestly believe I could step up to a larger snake. Plus burms are just plain beautiful, especially when full grown.

    Thanks for reading my post. :)
  2. jayhawkbruce

    jayhawkbruce Embryo

    Don't own one but I plan to buy a 2010 hatchling next year, either a green or a green granite. I've got friends that have Burms and I can tell you that a 6X6X4 would be fine for a 12' burm. How long have you been keeping boas? Can't help on the F/T question.
  3. Belletair

    Belletair New Member

    I've had them for roughly five years (been into snakes longer, but before it was only ball pythons/colubrids). Honestly, red tails are one of the easiest snakes I've ever cared for (I only have a couple at the moment, but they're fantastic snakes). Some say they're big but... eh. I don't really find a ten foot boa to be "big". Are they big when compared with a corn or bp? Of course. But compared to retics (I have a friend who had one, it was about 15ft at the time) or other big guys, not so much.

    I can build a cage so that really won't be a problem, I don't think. My only concern is exactly how big I should build it. 6X6X4 is about the maximum size I could do at the moment (because of where I live). If it needed a much larger cage, I'd probably have to hold off on the burm.

    Also, just as a side note, the granites are absolutely beautiful. ^_^
  4. jayhawkbruce

    jayhawkbruce Embryo

    Nice. I would think that maybe 4X4X8 would probably be the best size tank for a 12' burm. That is as big as I am going to let mine get. Once she hit's 11 I will swith to a miantenance diet that won't let hur put on any more size. I'll feed her between every 3 to 4 weeks depending on how she handles each meal. What morph do you think you'll get?
  5. Belletair

    Belletair New Member

    Ah, yeah, more length is always good. Makes sense.

    As to what morph? Hmm. Honestly, I love the look of the regular albinos. Something about that yellow and white body is so... beautiful.

    Also, as with most every reptile out there, love the plain old normals/regulars of the species. Dunno why, it's just how I am. XD

    If I do get one, I too will probably wait for the 2010 hatchlings. I almost always prefer to have a snake (especially pythons/boas) from when it's youngest, just for "getting to know each other" reasons. :D

    Then again, I'm not completely sure I'll be buying a burm yet. I want one like you wouldn't believe, and I'm sure I could handle and feed a snake that big (breeding rabbits ain't all that hard) so that's not the problem. I just have to make sure I can find space for a large cage. Not much worse than being short on space for your animals, believe me. I don't want to go there again, so I just want to take my time and think/plan it out a bit. ^_^

    btw, do you normally see burms at herp shows? I've only seen two so far and they've been full grown adults. Nobody seems to breed them around here, same with JCPs which I've also been looking for for a loooong while. It's probably just because the show nearest to us is still on the small side, but I was just curious.
  6. GeckoKing57

    GeckoKing57 Embryo

    F/T should NOT be an issue. I have a 10 ft albino that i feed F/T rabbits to, she eats them just fine. There may be a few time you need to take a snake hook and move it or wiggle it around a bit, but usually they will catch wind of their food being entered into their feeding tank and go right to town.
  7. Belletair

    Belletair New Member

    Sorry for the late reply, life has called as of late.

    But thanks for the info man. I appreciate it.

    I still have not gotten the burm yet, haven't even been to an expo in several months (refer to my first sentence for why :)). Still planning on it, just gotta get together a cage and get down to an expo. XD

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