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    I just recently got a 2 month Fancy bearded dragon for myself and kids ofc!!

    - we got a 40 gallon tank (36 x 18 x 18)
    - we setup a UVB light near centre of tank and got a basking light setup on the far right side
    - reptile carpet for the base
    - we have a cave and a bridge sort landing for it to climb and be close to the basking light as much needed
    - fake tree leaves plant in two corners of the tank
    - we have a small shallow dish for water and dry pellet food in another dish.

    will be picking up more small crickets and more veggies (plan to get some kale leafs, mustard leaf etc)

    the shop has been feeding it mealworms about 4- 6 a day 3x a weeks and crickets 4x a week avg about 5-15 a day

    i know the dragon needs more protein so will be dusting it with calcium every other day

    we have mist bottle to spray once - twice a day

    been handling it for a while and seem really comfortable with us... he as even sleeping on me

    am i missing anything? is there other stores i should be aware of here in Calgary that i should be getting reptiles food from?

    am i on the right track?

    appreciate and thanks in advance for all support and suggestion


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