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    Ok, as some of you may know, I'm in the process of building a large enclosure for my 2 water dragons. The framework of it is now complete, and I'm in the process of molding the large water feature/pond into the bottom of the tank. It's time for me to figure out lighting, heating and ventilation, and I wouldn't mid some advice from anyone that has some. The enclosure is 4 wide by 4 feet tall by 2 feet deep, the back and sides are wood (1/2 inch thick). The room that it's in is usually around 70-75 degrees or so. Here are my thoughts, please please add to them if you have any input.

    For lighting/heating

    1. a striplight of uvb at the very top
    2. 2 heat/basking lights at the top pointing down, loosely aimed at some of the basking shelves mid way up the sides of the enclosure. wattage, unsure probably around 100-150 watt each (suggestions???).

    For ventilation

    The sides are wood and the front is going to be a combination of wood and 2 large plexiglass doors. The top is a little confussing. the top of the enclosure is going to be covered in mesh, but there is another structure that will then sit on top of that. it's a box that is about a foot tall and has the same depth and width dimensions as the main structure. the top of this is wood, and the frame work is wood as well as the front. the sides and back on the other hand are mesh. Will this be enough airflow for the tank, or should i incorporate more, such as a couple of holes on the sides covered with mesh?

    Look forward to hearing some of your ideas!


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