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Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by apsmith21, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I have had both my leopard geckos for a year and a half (got them from a friend as babies). Never had an issue until today. When I woke up this morning and I checked on them, I noticed my female had an injury.
    My male seems fine.

    I'm looking to call my friend and get her to the vet tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone would have some short term advice that they may be able to provide.

    Let me preface my comments below with the fact that I don't know a ton about leopard geckos, but I've been pretty happy with them as pets.
    And of course, my favorite is the one that has to get injured.

    I've posted a quick geocities page at http://www.geocities.com/cadderly21/

    (sorry about the picture, wasn't able to reduce it in size.)

    First the details
    1) I put down some clean paper towels and she's lying on those
    2) She's acting a little stressed and sleeping right now
    3) It looks as though she tore part of her foot off
    4) You'll notice some blood on the cork board she is on, appears as though it has stopped bleeding for the most part.
    5) I'm unsure if the male attacked her (they get in a small tussle now and again)
    6) Do they recover from this type of injury?
    7) Should I be really worried? (I've mentioned to my girlfriend that I'm in crisis mode this morning)
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    Welcome, sorry you found us under these circumstances.
    It appears that one or two toes are missing....she will recover and probably be fine. They sometimes lose toes due to bad sheds and really don't have problems because of it. Can't really tell from the picture, but that does not appear to be why she lost them, the rest of her looks good so I would not think that was the case. That means it was probably the male.
    Please separate them permanently, especially now that he's really gone after her. Not only will attack her again but they are going to breed (if they haven't already) and that will really take a toll on her while she's living in a stressfull situation and trying to heal.
    Leo's (as is the case w/most reptiles) are solitary and usually don't thrive together, fights break out and sometimes someone ends up injured (like yours) or dead....it's not that uncommon really. They would both be happier and healthier in their own tanks, there would be no babies to worry about (just introduce for mating if you want to breed) and she can recover in peace. Since she is injured now and he knows it this may be his chance to really have a go at her, it is only going to get worse between them, not better.
    When she settles down a bit try to clean her foot off, make sure it's dry and the bleeding has stopped. You can put a small bit of Neosporin with NO pain relief on it to help prevent infection. Keep a very close eye on her, and a follow up with the vet is always a good idea ( www.herpvetconnection.com ).
    Here is a link to a great care sheet, read through it and ask any questions you have. Good luck with her, and keep us updated.
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    Ooops, just answered in your other post in the GENERAL forum! That will probably get moved here anyway :D
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    Clementine, thanks for the swift reply. I have separated them (luckily I kept my back up 10 gallon tank) and put her along with a water bowl and some hiding places.

    Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice, but the three toes you see at the right of the picture are actually only hanging on by a blood clot. She still has two toes.

    She's acting pretty alert, investigating her new surroundings and isn't too stressed at the moment. It's definitely unnerving to see her walking and dragging those three toes behind. At least the bleeding has stopped.

    We'll keep an eye on her, but I think we'll take her to the reptile vet tomorrow, just to have things checked out.
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    Oh, then you really do want a vet to check it out....the pic didn't look that bad :D
    Set her up in the 10 gallon with everything she needs, or get a new 20 long for her, whichever you are able to do. Make sure she has a solid substrate, humid hide, UTH, digital thermometer, correct temps etc. and she should be fine eventually.
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    Ack, poor thing!! Toes on these guys will heal up pretty well, but I'd have a vet remove them for you. I'd also get her plenty of food as her tail looks at tad on the thin side. And make sure she gets her calcium and vitamins :D
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    well for the most part males and females should never be housed together because the male will keep breeding her i dont think her foot will grow back you can put som neosporin without pain reliever on it
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    topic merged from General Forum. (double posting is not necessary and not permitted here).

    You're getting sound advice already and I'm glad you're consulting the vet. It doesn't seem life threatening, so a bit og good TLC and isolation will get your leo well in no time!
    I wld definitely plan on keeping your girl in a separated tank permenantly.

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