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    My guess: 2K overrates Dwyane at NBA Live Mobile Coins Wade and Rajon Rondo because of their star pedigree, causing Chicago to be overpowered.CelticsRecord: 58-24Improvement: +5Playoffs: Lost to Warriors in Finals in sixReaction: If Boston’s only five wins better with LeBron, will the Celtics improve at all if they sign Gordon Hayward this summer?ClippersRecord: 58-24Improvement: +7Playoffs: Lost to Spurs in Western Conference semifinals in sevenReaction: CHRIS PAUL STILL CAN’T GET TO THE CONFERENCE FINALSWe’re actually kind of sad for him.

    (GrizzliesRecord: 53-29Improvement: +10Playoffs: Lost to Rockets in Western Conference semifinals in sevenReaction: They did finish as the No. 2 seed, for what it’s worth.HawksRecord: 55-27Improvement: +12Playoffs: Lost to Knicks in first roundReaction: The lost to the Knicks in Cheap NBA Live Coins a 1 vs. 8 upset. Yeesh.HeatRecord: 38-44Improvement: -3Playoffs: MissedReaction: This is my favorite simulation. We originally messed up and didn’t turn off injuries for some of these, meaning James broke his leg or had other season-ending injuries that messed up the results. In our first Heat simulation.

    Hassan Whiteside broke his arm and only played 35 games. That team finished 38-44 and missed the playoffs.We resimulated it with injuries turned off, and that’s the record you see up there: still 38-44 and still three games under the 41-41 record that the Miami Heat actually finished with this season.

    The Heat were so unpredictably good this season, finishing it on a 30-11 run, that even adding LeBron James to Buynba2k their roster couldn’t duplicate the actual season they had. All we know is that Erik Spoelstra must be a miracle worker.HornetsRecord: 45-37Improvement: +9Playoffs: Lost to Warriors in Finals in fiveReaction: They were the No. 7 seed and still made a finals run.

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