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    I got a Kenyan Sand Boa about a month ago. She looks to be female, but I am not 100% on that. She was pretty young when I got her, about a month. I'm keeping her in a 10 gallon with 3-4 inches of aspen bedding. Hot side stays around 92-93 degrees, cool side is 83-84, under tank heater as well as an overhead because my room temperature makes the cool side a little too cool without it. She had eaten before I got her, I brought her home, let her acclimate for 5 days. 2 days later, I tried my first feeding. Thawed a pinky, grabbed the tongs. I did have to handle her to bring her out from being burrowed. I put the pinky in there, wiggles it front of her face, she didn't eat, just burrowed. I realize now that there are a lot of things I could have done differently that first time I tried, you don't have to tell me. So, I waited 2 weeks and some days, thinking maybe she's still stressed. I tried again, made sure she wasn't handled for a few days before. Thawed a pinky. Waited until it was nighttime and she had her head poking out of the substrate so I knew she was ready to ambush. I put the pinky in and she actually did strike, sat there for a few minutes, and dropped it. So I realized that 1.) the pinky was not warm enough and 2.) I was intimidating her by standing there, watching her. So I waited 5 days, tried to feed again. Thawed, made sure it was warm, waited till she was ambush mode. Put the pinky in, and she had no interest whatsoever. I think it could be that I didn't avoid handling as adamantly as I did in the previous feeding attempt. So, any recommendations? I was trying to stay away from live food, but I know babies are picky so I'm thinking that's what I will try next. I know some people will recommend moving to a different enclosure, but they already get stressed so easily, and she'll realize that it's feeding time when I move her and could attack, plus the house will smell like rodent. I just don't think it's a good idea. I'm thinking I could cover the front of the terrarium to keep her from seeing me at least a little bit so that she isn't intimidated by my presence. I just don't know. If anybody has some tips, I would appreciate it, she's a baby and has gone a month without eating and I'm worried. Weight is not being tracked yet, got a working scale recently, waiting to handle her until the smell of rodent is gone.

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