Knob-tail gecko with suspected prolapse

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    Hi all,

    One of my knob-tail geckos started to have some trouble moving and hasn't been eating well recently. I'm giving her liquid calcium now, but I noticed that there is something sticking out of her cloaca and was wondering if it is a prolapse or just either fecal matter or remnants of an unfertilized egg (see attached pictures dry and after soaking in suger water).

    -Gecko info-

    Common name for species: Prickly knob-tailed gecko
    Scientific name (if known*): Nephrurus asper
    Age: 2 years
    Weight: unknown
    Sex: female

    -Housing Info-

    Tank size: 60 cm x 30 cm
    Heating method: ambient tropical climate, heat pad in winter
    Temperatures: ambient
    Type of thermometer: none
    Thermostat: none
    Lighting: natural light
    Humidity level: ambient

    -Nutritional Info-

    Food offered: crickets
    Food eaten:
    Amount eaten per day: reduced eating during last 2-3 weeks,
    Supplements used and how often: circkets supplied with gutload (Vetafarm Herpa Grub), calcium dusted crickets.[​IMG]

    Dry: 08.31.29.jpg?dl=0
    Soaked: 12.30.53.jpg?dl=0

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