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Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Holmes, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Holmes

    Holmes New Member

    Yesterday I went to a pet store.

    These are some pictures.
    Many baby boas in a cramped, dirty enclosure.
    Three adult (or juvenile) boas being cramped into a small, dirty enclosure.
    I don't know if these two snakes should be housed together. There was a tiny fish in that bowl.
    Tank in front: Three adult bearded dragons (I believe two females and one male) in the same small cage. Dirty and unkempt. Tank in background: Up to 7 adult/Juvenile bearded dragon (all males, owner claimed) in the same small tank, dirty, etc.
    There were about four of these huge turtles in the same, disgusting, small tank.
    Many red bellied frogs being kept in a cricket keeper with stale, dirty, poopy water, gross plastic sides, very overcrowded.
    These tropical fish were kept in small (3x5 in) tanks with no ventilation, very high up. Stale water.
    (sorry for upside-down picture) up to 50 of these baby turtles were being kept in the same 40 gallon tank, it was dirty, no food provided, no water provided.
    Baby bearded dragons. He had three of these "baby tanks" full of baby beardies. Some looked very stressed, some were missing toes and tail tips, and it was disgustingly overcrowded and dirty in the tanks.
    These (monitors? what are they) lizards, about four or five of them (I assume adults) were being kept in the same dirty cage. All were unalert, very drowsy, didn't have food/water.. dirty cage.

    Did I mention that none of these animals had lights? None of them had hiding holes, perches.. Nothing. Just dirty substrate and maybe a water dish.

    Here is what caught my attention the most.

    Since I already know how to care for chameleons, I considered taking this boy in.
    He was estimated to be 3 mo. His horns aren't even popping out of his skin yet.

    My own cricket container is better than what this guy called a "cage". I treated my feeders better than this guy treats his own product.

    I will be receiving (possibly) help from a member of CF. I am going to report the store and take MANY high quality pictures (these were quickly snapped with my ipod) after I buy the chameleon with her help.

    I will be selling it to a better home possibly when it is recouped.

    Thanks for reading. I do not know how to care for the other reptiles in the store. Otherwise I'd be more than happy to save the animals.

    I just feel so ... changed after walking in there.
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  2. spaceboy

    spaceboy Well-Known Member

    Its great you're paying attention to the horrible conditions of those poor reptiles. I really think you should try to get this guy to court or get some animal rights group involved in this. Its good you want to rescue the cham and the others but remember, by buying the herps you are supporting his business...Maybe you can persuade him to give you the cham for free since its in such bad condition you know? I just hate seeing money coming in to places like that.
    I've heard its not a totally uncommon strategy to make the animals look miserable so you'd feel guilty and adopt them... I remember pet stores doing that with dog puppys when I lived in the states. It sucks:/

    (I'm sorry if my english is bad in this post, its 7 am here and I just woke up lol)
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  3. Cammy

    Cammy Administrator Staff Member

    Wow, that is completely deplorable...However, spaceboy is right; by buying the chameleon, you only give the store undeserved money. Plus they'll just get another chameleon to keep in the same sad condition. Definitely take this up with the authorities, though. Be diligent about getting this issue taken care of...no animals deserve to be kept like that. :(
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  4. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Oh no :( Unfortunately this is a pretty common occurrence in small pet shops. I would try to get in touch with your local ASPCA or other animal rescue groups. You can search online or you can call a few local vets to ask if there is a shelter or rescue group you can contact for reptiles.
    Although you may want to save the little cham I would suggest you contact your local animal groups and then adopt the chameleon after. His bad treatment would be one more account of animal neglect to add to the store owner's possible charges.
  5. Holmes

    Holmes New Member

    I am completely aware of my "support" to this vendor. However, a measly fifty dollars does not even compare to the lives of the animals.

    I already had space for him, so I decided to take him in.

    I have reported the shop to not only the BOI (Board of Inquiry [Which I doubt will help at all]), but reported the shop to the local animal control center as well.

    I hope to contact the nearest fish and game department center as soon as possible to take care of the issue.

    If anyone is curious, the owner of the store is violating most (if not all) sections of thess specific penal codes.

    Here are pictures of the chameleon's new, proper home.


  6. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Aw, well he is a beauty :) Very cute and nice set-up! :)

    I hope the local authorities will help you and the pets in the stores care.... keep us posted if you hear anything!
  7. spaceboy

    spaceboy Well-Known Member

    Wow he's beautiful, I bet he'll be very happy with you! Best of luck in bringing that pet store owner down!
  8. Holmes

    Holmes New Member

    Thanks guys. He is amazing.

    FIRST TIME today he ate from my hands twice, then ate as soon as I let the other crickets go in his cage.

    He now has a basking spot properly set up.

    He also drinks straight from the squirt bottle.

    I am frustrated though, I am having a tough time trying to get someone on the store issue. The animal control isn't helping much, and I've contacted fish and game many times but they aren't taking it into consideration very well because the nearest center is quite a drive away.
  9. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    I'm glad he's doing well :)

    Did you contact your local ASPCA?
  10. Geckolad

    Geckolad New Member

    I think this is amazing, what you have done. I adore generous people like you who care only for the good of the animals. I hope your new scaly friend enjoys his wonderful home!

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