Its time for a new enclosure for Angus!

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by mr_andrew, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. mr_andrew

    mr_andrew Member

    I know there is an enclosure forum here but I thought since its Uro specific I would post this here. If I am doing this in error feel free to move it.

    So I have had Angus for almost a year now, and he is starting to get big! Last time I checked he is at 16" from tip to tip. So his current 60gal setup is nearing the end of its usefulness. It is roughly 40"x24" (and maybe 30" tall).

    What size are you using for your Egyptians? I am thinking 60"x30"x30". I plan on heating it and providing UVB with the tube lights, and having a 150w basking spot lamp hanging from the top (out of reach).

    Any input?
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  2. naykid

    naykid Member

    I don't think the 30" tall is nessary, 24"i think would be just fine if you can give up 6 inches of height & make it 6 inches deeper that would be better.
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  3. Nines

    Nines Member

    My enclosure is 60"x24"x24". I have a full grown 13"Saharan Female. She uses every inch, and climbs.
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  4. mr_andrew

    mr_andrew Member

    Cool, I think I will do that. I just wanted to give him lots of room to climb, although I suppose the UVB lights should be closer. 6" deeper won't be a problem. I have a big rec room in the basement and thats where his enclosure will be, so space isn't an issue.
  5. naykid

    naykid Member

    That's great you don't have room problems.....i wish i had that freedom, but then again maybe it's good that i don't:)
  6. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Since Egyptians are the largest breed and Uros (although lazy most times) actually love to run and climb (a little, lol) so a 6' long tank wouldn't be a bad thing! You could probably house a pair in a 6'x3'x3' enclosure. And a tank that is that tall you might be better off with an MVB (mercury vapor bulb) or T5 for the basking spots...
    I've made a ton of tanks so if you have any questions.... Here's a link to a quick mock up of a tank I designed the other day...
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  7. mr_andrew

    mr_andrew Member

    Cool thanks Lauren.... will check out the link when I get a bit of time. Haven't started on the project yet, been busy with some renovations and work.
  8. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    I hear you there.... we're currently finishing our basement into a man cave, getting a new roof, and replacing the toilet and plumbing in the upstairs bathroom.... did I mention I work 50 hours a week and the husband works 70? Ugh, there is never enough time!!!!! Lol.

    Good luck!! Keep us posted and take pics :)
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