Is this an egg or organs?

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    New owner of this leopard gecko. We've had her about 3 weeks, and was told by previous owner after the fact that she may be gravid. I've done research on what to look for and such, but still unsure. I'm not sure if that's an egg higher up or if it's just organs.

    Her info : I don't know how old she is, or much about her previous history, honestly.
    But we do have her in a 10 gal tank with uth, and day and night heat lights too.
    Temps are approx 88 - 90 on warm side, 75- 77 on cold side, digital therm probes on each side to read temps. Sand mat substrate. 2 caves, one on each side of tank, plus a container of coco substrate for digging, laying, ect. She is housed alone. Eating and pooping well. I give her 4-5 mealies every other day, 1-2 wax worms a week or several medium crickets a week(all dusted with calcium + d3) and she has a calcium dish (calcium only powder) in her cage.

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