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Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by tomoldershaw, Jan 10, 2004.

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    I have a 3 month old water dragon but am unsure of the sex. He has only been in the cage for a week and a half. If i bought another one of the same size, and after vet checkups etc introduced him to the same viv, am i likely to get many problems? any ideas or info would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Vet checkups alone can not rule out all problems, and some animals may develop problems a couple of weeks after arriving in a new home (for example, in bearded dragons, you can get false readings on coccidia & other parasites for a time after they move into a new home due to stress levels).

    I would personally keep them separate for at least 30 days to check for any obvious problems, then only introduct them together if they are of similar size. But, keep a close eye on them over time. If it turns out they are different sexes, or two males, you will want to split them up.

    Males will need to be housed separately permanently most likely, and a male/female pair you would not want to house together until they are adults. Breeding too young can cause severe problems with females, and if they are living together, as soon as the male is sexually ready, he'll try to take the female whether she is or not.

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