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    thinking about building a tank for Yoshi my bearded dragon i need some info on what i can use and some ideas on designs. anything you think i might need to know please let me know. can i use stucco on the inside to makes it look more natural? i have a few ideas but need more ideas and info on what is safe to use and works well?

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    Ok so what you really have to know when making your own enclosure or decorating is the "environment" inside the tank. For example - I have a Uromastyx that needs a basking spot up to 140 degrees F... therefor any type of material I use inside the tank on that side has to be safe (doesn't melt, out-gas, burn, change states from solid to liquid, etc.). As another example - I have a few species of Rhacdactylus geckos that all need varying levels of humidity, whether it be constant or once a day all the materials I use inside their enclosures have to be safe for high humidity (no electronics that aren't water proof, nothing that will grow mold, but also have to be weary of anything that says it's a mold or mildew prohibitor because those have chemicals that are potentially lethal to your animals).

    Generally the following materials are "ok" to use but be mindful of the environment where you will be using them:
    -Store bought wood pieces that are appropriately sized for your reptile's weight
    -Reptile Carpet
    -Tile (texturized, not slick)
    -Grout (don't purchase the mildew resistant kind, that type out-gasses and has high amounts of copper and zinc in it which may harm your reptile)
    -100% Silicone (good for high temps and humidity)
    -Stones - Riverbed stones, slate tiles, patio stones, bricks, etc.
    -Plywood, Melamine, etc.
    -Styrofoam or "Great stuff" foam insulator as long as it is properly covered with another safe material (silicone, grout, ecoearth, cocofiber, etc.)
    -Fake plants - Plastic or fabric, just please be mindful of lights and heating elements
    -Plywood and other wood building material - I have never used pressure treated and wouldn't recommend it because of the amount of chemicals used to preserve the wood but non-pressure treated wood is a great material to use

    Anyway, those are just some things off the top of my head right now... I suggest using the search function and searching the enclosures and the bearded dragon forum for ideas. Good luck!
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