I'll be living in australia for 6 weeks. Any advice?

Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by drpainphd, Nov 14, 2006.

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    Hello to all you Australian herp enthusiasts. I'm an American student that will be studying in Melbourne, Australia at for around 6 weeks at Newman college. I might also do a little internship at the Melbourne Zoo. Does anyone have any advice for me? Are there any places I should definatley visit? Anything I should watch for? American tourist cliches I should avoid (haha). Any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks. I'm also planning on visiting the Australia Zoo on my week off from school. Thanks a lot.
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    RE: I

    Email me when you get here and I'll give you my phone # for a chat. What Part of Melbourne will you be staying in?

    Email: pell4413@bigpond.net.au
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    ill be staying in the dorms at newman college which is part of Melbourne University (or so ive heard.)
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    u should take a camera and bring back some pics.
  5. have you been yet?

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