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    I had to bring my beautiful girl, Iggy, to the vet Monday. She had a new "hobby" of trying to eat the floor/carpet. She was not pooping much and lost a little weight and the left side of her ribs looked funny.
    To make a long story short, her weight is due to the COLD winter here in Connecticut (her "winter weight". She went from 6 to 5 lbs). She does not have a nutritional deficiency (I was worried since she was trying to eat/dig at stuff on the floor). The vet thinks she has Pica (the urge to eat stuff that is not edible). She is not gravid (she had her ovaries removed 2 years ago after egg binding). We did an x-ray. Showed no blockages in her intestines, a nice full belly of food...and a TINY SCREW!!! I watch her well when out of the cage, and keep the floor and house clean and she still swallowed something :( Goes to show how quick and sneaky my girl is. Luckily, the screw is not sharp and small enough for her to poop out. As for the ribs, looks like she started to get MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease...most likely from the person that had her previously, and I reversed it). So she has some minor deformities, but nothing serious.
    The link I posted is her X-ray. If you zoom x2 and zoom over her belly and spine, a little above the tail, you can see the screw.
    Also bought a poop sample from my beardie. He has Giardia (a parasite) :( Iggy was treated for this over the summer. I am so careful to wash my hands etc between handling them and their stuff. So Skecher (my bearded dragon) and Iggy are both being treated. Both are doing well, will be ok, and being kept in their cages until BOTH are done with meds and ok again. I would be $$$RICH$$$ if it wasn't for my 4-legged kids...

    Hope this link works:

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