I think my fbt might be pregnate

Discussion in 'Fire Bellied Toads' started by freakinturtles, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. my female fbt suddenly got really faat and i dont know if she's egg laying and if she is what do i do
  2. Bearhachick

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    Hmmm...pregnant is an interesting term when used in relation with a toad. They don't really get pregnant and have a baby, they just lay eggs. Before they lay eggs, you may notice a slight bloating around her belly. If you notice a lot of bloating, I would guess that maybe you're overfeeding her? Or she's sick. Do you have her in with any other toads? If so, you might want to consider quarantining her just so you can keep an eye on her
  3. ok what type of setup would you recommend to put her in while i keep an eye on her and im pretty sure im not over feeding her because my 3 males are in pretty good shape
  4. Bearhachick

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    Just another small aquarium. Maybe a fairly large critter keeper. I would just make sure that when you transfer her, that the water temperature is close to the same as her normal aquarium, and I'd try to make it as much like her old aquarium for her. Really...whatever aquariums you have. What do you put them in when you clean out your aquarium?
  5. i usually leave them in the same cage if its just a water change if its a scrub down change the gravel i put them in a different tank that has about 2 inches of water
  6. Bearhachick

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    ^I'd put some gravel in that one, and put her in there probably, at least for a while.
  7. ok thanx for the advice when i looked at her this morning she has a little bulge on her stomach by the right leg so im not sure about that
  8. nuggular

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    Watch out using gravel on land. I dont recommend it at all. You have a big impaction risk using gravel on land. Your toad can easily swallow a piece of it trying to get a cricket and that can cause major bloating and death. I recommend getting some cocofiber bedding and putting that down on the land. It is safe for them to injest and passing through there system easily.
  9. Bearhachick

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    Yeah, I also don't use gravel anymore. I use reptile carpeting, actually, and they seem to like it.
  10. ok thanx for the advice if my fbt is egg bearing ill send pics of the toadlets when they come
  11. Bearhachick

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    Awww, please do!
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    :) good luck with ur fire bellied toad
  13. RE: fbt

    thanx and i will keep her happy untill the eggs are layed
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    RE: fbt

    id put her in a 10 gallon with like 1-2 plats and hiding places. She will lay within 2 weeks..
  15. newwittoads

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    My toad is bloated like that too and I have the gravel as well but I also heard the barking sound as well before she got the bloating what to do in this instance

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