I kinda envision it being shaped somewhat like an eye

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    I kinda envision it being shaped somewhat like an eye with RuneScape gold each team using a base with a unique exit to each of the two main lanes which curve around the map making an oval. Subsequently the centre is between the 2 lanes. There could be some negative rooms as well or branches off the main paths too. However, a team vs team minigame similar like this would be great, to SC. That said, my minigame is something I can't think of. Team vs Team minigames such as Castle Wars may be fun, which is one that starts everyone could be good to see. If you have a good team but group coop minigames such as BA can always be great. Something for teams but such as the gauntlet could be cool if you were able to work in some function system in like BA.

    I like the teams aspect. But most RS minigames that require teams have turnouts. It would be great to have pvp but have nothing from beyond the minigame itself impact it. Maybe deception involved. I would have to spend more time thinking specifically of a good mechanic. To make it successful I'd say have a reward shop with some equipment reward which may influence skilling or battle or both outside of gameplay but needs one to play with more games later on to keep on using it. Maybe have each team split up. 1 individual be their"champion". The rest of the group is broken up into teams to assemble supplies and craft armor and the winner must raise their battle levels for a fight at the end.

    It could be a 1v1 pvp minigame where you pick your loadout out of a shop before it begins. The price for every item is randomized prior to OSRS gold For Sale the match. Each time you receive progress and a kill in the tourny you get points to spend in the store. If you put top 2 afterward unspent points are worth a ton of maingame rewards. For handicapping themselves to even the playing 21, A simple pvp minigame with an ever shifting meta and benefits pkers. I would not mind pest control sequel, possibly with a few use whereas as soon as you get what you want in the original there's very little incentive to return. That is a shame because I enjoy playing with management but have very little reason to come back as a wind game RuneScape player.

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