I have a copy of Vyper and it Rocks

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    Ooops I just noticed I created a new topic and not a reply...could the MOD move it to the Herp Software topic

    I just saw your post about the vyper software. Not too long ago my husband and I stumbled across the site and we called them. I spoke to Kimberly and told her we were not a big breeder around 80+ at any given time and we were looking for something to keep track of our snakes etc.

    Well, out of the blue they sent us a copy for free and it was so easy to use I could not believe it. We are not computer experts but the software installed with just a simple push of a button and we were up and running. The nice thing about it was easy to enter our reptiles and that was that.

    I see from the site that they have a new version out and I plan on buying that because it seems to have a bunch of new stuff. I guess that is what SSScales was working on with them.

    I can tell you they were very nice on the phone and told me to call or email if I had any problems and they would assist me, which blew me away because they had given us a free copy, so we expected that we would be on our own. looks like support will be good with these guys or gals.

    Michelle & Mark

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