How can I get my fat-tail to eat?

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    Rhianne Embryo

    Sorry, this looks really long!
    Common name for species: African fat-tailed gecko
    Scientific name (if known*):
    Age: unknown (I've had her roughly 6 weeks)
    Weight: 15 grams
    Sex: female

    -Housing Info-

    Tank size: , 23'x17'x17'
    Heating method: a heat mat taking up roughly 1/3 of the viv, along with a small bulb above to heat the substrate further
    Temperatures: cool side 24'c, heated side 32'c
    Type of thermometer: one of those digital ones which you point the lazer end at a spot and it reads the accurate temperature
    Thermostat: a temperature probe (not sure what it's technical name is) on the floor of the heated side, attached to the heat mat
    Lighting: a daytime bulb on between the hours of 8am and 6pm, 25W
    Humidity level:

    -Nutritional Info-

    Food offered: mealworms, waxworms (offered rarely), locusts and crickets all appropriately sized
    Food eaten: maybe 2 or 3 small locusts and one waxworm since I got her
    Amount eaten per day: (this is the problem, she won't eat)
    Supplements used and how often: Reptivite and Critical Care, applied to any food offered

    Any other details please add here: The substrate I'm using is Coco Husk, pre sterilized and airtight packaged until broken up and spread around the viv.
    Since I bought my gecko I have only seen her eat when force fed (in the gentlest way possible) and even then she wasn't too happy about eating the food. She happily drinks Critical Care powder (supplied by the vet I took her to) mixed with water and given through a syringe, however this will not be enough to healthily sustain her for any length of time. Due to having purchased her roughly 6 weeks ago and not having seen her eat- along with dramatic weight loss from her tail and body, I took her to a vet 2 weeks ago. They x-rayed her and found no impactions or obstructions, and frankly didn't have any other advice for me than to keep offering her a range of food and wait. I've tried lowering the temperature and increasing it, neither had any effect. She occasionally drinks out of her water bowl but never consumes anything other than that without me having to push her to. She's just begun shedding today and seems to be having trouble with even that due to her lack of strength and general small size; She does have a moist box consisting of a hide over the top of moist sphagnum moss which she spend most of her time in, I have also been misting the substrate to help keep humidity up. I'm just wondering does anyone have any advice for things I can try to make her feel better? :(

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