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    Okay sooooo....the manager of the exotic bird shop who I call my mother knows a guy who wants to sell a pair of proven breeder "hog island rosy boas" what she told me. Is there such thing as hog island rosy boas or did she make a mistake and they're only normal hog island? And how much can a pair of those boas go for on average? Thanks

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    They are probably Hog Island locality Boa constrictor imperator (BCI). The only thing that Rosy Boas (L. trivirgata) and BCI have in common is that they are from the same family (Boidae).

    You would be able to distinguish between the two species effortlessly if you saw the animals for sale. Rosy's are generally quite small and slender...they are also terrestrial and dwell in rocky desert regions of the wouthwest and Mexico. Boa constrictors inhabit much of the neotropics in South and Central America and have the typical "Boa Constrictor" appearence.

    The price depends on how nice the animals are, where they came from, and how "pure" they are. There tends to be a lot of interbreeding between boa localities (Colombian X Hog Island is common, for example) which may lower or increase the market value depending on how nice the offspring turn out and who you are selling to. Most people tend to prefer their hogs from pure bloodlines.

    Obviously, the age of the animals is going to play a factor in cost as well. A pair of pure hogs may run $200-500+ depending on the above factors.
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    Okay well I talked to the breeder today :3 they are hybrids he says (hog island/Columbian red tails) price offered is 125... he says they've already bred this year so I would have to wait a year or two before breeding again of course. but he said that the offspring came out some looking like hog island some were red tail like some albino and aberrant patterns is this good or bad?? correct price or over priced??

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    They aren't actually hybrids by taxonomic standards; they are both the supspecies Boa constrictor imperator so it is still just a cross between two of the same species (BCI X BCI) but there is a mix of localities. Each locality of BCI differs in both appearance and behavior, which is why many still opt to keep bloodlines pure.

    The price is probably OK but just be sure you know exactly what you are getting before buying so that you know how to properly represent the animals being produced by you. The mixing of localities is mostly frowned upon when people do it unresponsibly and sell their offspring as one or the other when it is in reality a mix. It is important to note the parents of the offspring you produce and make sure that buyers are aware of the localities found within the offsping to keep things clean... everyone would hate to see someone selling a Hog Island BCI as a pure Hog when it may be a mix...someone buying that animal with intentions of breeding to another pure Hog will be unintentionally muddying the bloodline and basically false advertising.

    If they are producing albinos in the clutches the snakes are obviously each het for albino (unless one is a visible albino). You'll want to find out what exactly is going on genetically and if possible, find out what the parents of each snake was so that you have good records of the lineage to pass down with the new offspring you produce.
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    That makes more sense thank you for clearing that up :) as for tracing the lineage that's a bit tougher... :/ what he told me he bought these boas from an expo breeder who sold these two as pure hog island boas which he became upset to find out they are indeed a mix by producing red tail boa offspring..
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    Here they are sorry for the low quality pics... 20121002_165324.jpg 20121002_165337.jpg

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